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The BakSaver replaces 5 laborers and 5 wheelbarrows. It saves you time, money and labor on the job. So you can win more bids and be more productive than your competition.

The BakSaver goes places concrete trucks and stone slingers can't. Then hydraulically control the flow of your material from inside the machine.
The operator fills the BakSaver with concrete.
The operator drives the Skid-Steer through the mud to reach a patio level.
Material can be precisely poured into a wheelbarrow, footer, etc.
Stone can also be spread over pipe through a hydraulic chute.
- Holds 3/4 yard of material
- Fits under dual & tandem dump trucks
- Precision pouring control of material
- Weighs approx. 400lbs. empty
- 66" wide by 33" tall and 24" deep
- Connects via universal mount
- Easy clean powder coat finish
- Backed by a 1 year limited warranty

- Reliable... it never calls in sick or late!
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